栂池スキー場 メモリーズ


"Tsugaike Mountain Resort" is nestled in at the foot of Mt. Hakuba, one of the leading big mountains in Japan, located in the Northern Alps of Nagano Prefecture. This large snow resort has vast gentle slopes, and you can enjoy wide and long skiing distances of up to 5,000m in high season, and ski until Golden Week in May as well.

This ski resort can meet a variety of needs from super beginners, beginners and families with small children to intermediate and advanced skiers aiming for parks and powder snow and have been loved continuously by a wide range of people.




First, let's go to “VILLAGE TSUGAIKE” where you can find everything you need!

  • Rental shop

    Latest rental goods available in the Salmon-Atomic STATION Dressing room and lockers

  • Dressing room and lockers

    Lockers are also available in the dressing room, making it convenient to change clothes and leave your luggage in one place.

  • Concession stand

    The stand offers a wide range of products, from ski and snowboard supplies to souvenirs.

  • Café “Locary”

    Coffee at the ski resort is exceptional, you would enjoy it because the cold winter. Enjoy an excellent drink on the sofa.

  • Thicket Center

    Lift tickets are sold at the counter and can be paid for by credit card or transport IC. Japanese or English is available at the ticket counter.


    Just hold the ticket you purchased in advance at the web shop over the automatic ticket machine. You can automatically issue lift tickets without waiting in line at the ticket counter, and you can smoothly go to the gate.

  • Parking Lots

    There are 420 paid parking spaces and 300 free ones. The "Central Parking Lot" near the gondola lift "Eve" and the "Kane No Naru Oka Daiichi Parking Lot (the Bell Ringing Hill Parking Lot 1)" near the Kane No Naru Oka Slope are convenient.

  • Rental shop
  • Dressing room and lockers
  • Concession stand.
  • Café “Locary”
  • Thicket Center


Let's enjoy "Kane no Naru Oka Slope", the widest and gentle slopes in Japan!

  • ・Only 5 minutes on foot from the VILLAGE TSUGAIKE.
  • ・There are many courses in the extensive slope of approximately 1,200 m width.
  • ・This hill is a gentle slope with an average slope of 9°, ideal for skiing debutants, novices and beginners.
  • ・You can ride the lifts with skis or snowboards without putting them on.


Families with children must love it! Let’s enjoy snow activities!

  • ・Have fun in the natural snow at "Kids Park" and "Hakuba Tsugaike SNOWWOW!"
  • ・Children, parents, and family members can enjoy playing in the snow on the slopes to their heart's content.
  • ・From familiar snow games to authentic activities, you can experience a different feeling from your ordinary life.
  • ・Even children not yet ready for skiing or snowboarding can enjoy playing snow.


Full support for beginners! You can take your favourite ski lesson at any time.

  • ・Two ski and snowboard schools, approved by the ski resort, are available, you can take lessons with peace of mind.
  • ・We have a full range of plans from lessons for kids to private lessons for the more advanced skiers.
  • ・Internationally licensed instructors available for lessons in English or Chinese.
  • ・A new nursery “MAI.MAI” has been opened, so both dads and moms can rest assured.


Enjoy world-class, superb powder snow named “TSUGA POW”

  • ・The finest powder snow in the Northern Alps Tsugaike is called "TSUGA POW" for short.
  • ・A special experience you can only be enjoyed as participants of the ski lecture program "TSUGA POW DBD" awaits.
  • ・Enjoy a full-fledged long powder tree-run in the uncompacted snow area
  • ・Fully enjoy the natural and the finest powder snow of the Northern Alps in the areas.


"TG PARKS" is a full-spec snow park being enjoyed by everyone from beginners to advanced skiers/snowboarders.

  • ・Produced by Sho Sakanishi, one of leading slopestyle coaches in Japan.
  • ・Packed with items and layouts to enjoy everyone from beginners to advanced skiers.
  • ・The full-spec snow park with any category.
  • ・Surf-riding courses that can be enjoyed without subscribing to kickers or jib items are also popular.


By car

Via Nagano IC.

Turnaround time: approx. 80 min from Nagano IC.
Exit at Nagano IC, cross the Kawanakajima ancient battlefield and turn left at the Shimo-higano Minami traffic lights.
Nagano Minami Bypass → National Road 19 → Prefectural Road Nagano Omachi Route (No. 31), so called 'Olympic Road', to Hakuba.

Via Azumino IC

Turnaround time: approx. 80 min from Azumino IC.
Exit at the Azumino IC (formerly known as the Toyoshina IC) on the Nagano Expressway and go straight. Cross the Swiss Village and turn right at the Shigeyanagi intersection.
Go straight on the embankment road along the Takase River (a.k.a. North Alps Panorama Road) and then National Route 148 from Omachi City onwards.
(No. 31), so called 'Olympic Road', to Hakuba.

Via Itoigawa IC

Turnaround time: approx. 60 min from Itoigawa IC.
Exit at the Itoigawa IC on the Hokuriku Expressway and turn left on National Road 148.
Take the national road in the mountains to the south. From National Road 148, turn right onto Prefectural Road 433 (signposted Tsugaike Kogen / Hakuba Norikura).

By train

For information on buses from Minami-Otari Station, see section of 'By bus'.
For information on buses from Nagano Station, see section of 'By bus'.