目標は栂池自然園内「展望湿原」から真夏の雪を見に行こう!-English follows- Reasons to visit in the Tsugaike Nature Park


One of the great natural spectacles that can be viewed from the “Tenbo Shitsugen” in the Tsugaike Nature Park is the “Hakuba Dai-Sekkei,” one of Japan’s three major snowfields. You can see the “firn snow”(partially compacted granular snow that is the intermediate stage between snow and glacial ice.) that doesn’t melt even in summer directly in front of you from the ” Tenbo Shitsugen.”



Now is the perfect time to visit an ideal destination that should be experienced during the summer, where you can feel the beauty and grandeur of nature.


It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes from the entrance of Tsugaike Nature Park to reach the “Tenbo Shitsugen.” Along the well-maintained wooden pathways within the park, the ground beneath your feet is adorned with a carpet of rare and beautiful alpine flowers.



Walking “Tsugaike nature park” will undoubtedly offer a special experience of encountering the wonders of nature up close.



This summer, why not embark on an exhilarating adventure and an inspiring trek, setting your sights on the “Tenbo Shitsugen” and fully savoring the magnificence of the snowfield?