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2017-2018 SEASON

2018.01.24 09:24 update> more information

  • -12°C/ 10.4°F
  • snow: 300cm
  • -3°C/ 26.6°F
  • snow: 135cm
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The Mountain

Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort is a popular ski vacation destination among beginners and families, for its safe terrain.
Kane-no-naru-oka slope is a gentle one, over 1,200m in width where everyone can have comfortable skiing and snowboarding experiences. Night Skiing is also available; after the sun set, the slope is illuminated, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Weather & Snow Report

2018.01.24 09:24 update
Area Weather Temperature Snow Condition
Tsuga-no-mori snowing -12°C / 10.4°F 300cm fresh snow
Han-no-ki snowing -12°C / 10.4°F 295cm fresh snow
Maruyama snowing -6°C / 21.2°F 110cm soft pack
Shirakaba snowing -10°C / 14°F 270cm fresh snow
Champion snowing -6°C / 21.2°F 150cm soft pack
Oya-no-hara snowing 0°C / 32°F 150cm fresh snow
Kane-no-naru-oka snowing -3°C / 26.6°F 135cm soft pack

The Mountain