Special experience

Epic views and adventures

The magnificent Northern Alps Hakuba Mountain Foot
At the 4 wetlands of “Tsugaike Nature Park”, Central Mountains National Park,
You’ll be amazed by the rare mountain plants in different seasons.

The 2nd longest gondola ride in Japan
“Eve” and “Ropeway” are pleased to take your journey to the new heights
At an altitude of 1,900m with breathtaking views.

To do, to see, and to experience

At the huge amusement facilities of
“Hakuba Tsugaike WOW!” is a ski resort,
Guests of all ages simply scream out “WOW!”
For the adrenaline-pumping and unforgettable experience!


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    Tsugaike Nature Park

    Indulge in nature at an altitude of 1,900m! On sunny days, luxuriate at one of the most famous high wetlands with breathtaking mountain views including the 3 Hakuba mountains, and meet with animals and plants!


    Tsugaike Ropeway

    The ropeway over the Central Mountains National Park. Be ready to meet with a sea of clouds (weather permitting)!


    “Eve”, Tsugaike gondola ride

    An experience from the air presented by the 2nd longest gondola ride in Japan (4,120m long). You can trip with your dogs!


    Kogidasu (tightrope cycling)

    Cycling 10 m up! on one single wire over water! Be kings and greens of a high wire!


    Pochadasu (floating water park)

    [Time exclusive] Get wet at the ultimate floating park on the splendid pond with melted snow from the Northern Alps!


    Tent sauna

    [Time exclusive] Be soothed in magnificent nature, an upgraded salve for the senses and body!


    Tobidasu (flying swim ring)

    Sit tight on a ring, slide from a height of 12m, and dive into the air at maximum speed!


    Kabedasu (climbing wall)

    Enjoy a dynamic activity- crawl up a 9m high wall and descend to the ground with a single rope!


    Fumidasu (adventure playground)

    Step off into the air 6m up then let your body be embraced by an air mattress! Experience this surreal experience!


    Amidasu (climbing net)

    Wear out the kids with no limits! Get the kids jumping around on a trampoline-like climbing net and let them create their ways to have fun!



    [Aged 4 or above] An exhilarating experience to feel like walking on fluffy clouds! Jump freely and say no to gravity.


    Fuafua (Inflatable kids’ word)

    [Aged 3 or above] A inflatable world offering massive family fun, safe to small kids!


    Buggy excursion

    [Time exclusive] The best rough road buggy adventure tours! Explore on a thrilling ride along off-the-beaten-track trails!


    Off-leash dog park

    A wonderful wonderland for doggies! Your loved pet will be spoiled for a spacious fenced area to run around. Create memories with a big smile with them!


    Empty handed highland BBQ

    [Showing up empty-handed!] Go on an exceptional BBQ grill journey with fresh ingredients and magnificent highland sceneries!


    Yunayuki Café

    Slow down and kick back at the comfortable, cozy café offering snacks and desserts!


    Village Tsugaike

    “Tsuga Base” is a café & restaurant with a souvenir store for you to take your picks- Tsugaike original and exclusive items, souvenirs, sports items, and many more.

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Luxuriate in your private, extraordinary moment-
An authentic relaxation
at the only site for campers in Hakuba.

Be pampered with wonderful memories and satisfaction
Under the spectacular starry sky

A free site

An amazingly spacious tent camping site with epic views
Comes the concept “Having nothing and doing nothing” & “That’s a true luxury”

Getting here

  • Tokyo

  • Nagoya

  • Osaka

  • Kanazawa

  • Joshin-Etsu Expressway

    Nagano Interchange (IC)

    R-19 → Prefectural Nagano Omachi Line (no. 31)


    Tsugaike Mountain Resort

    Approx. 4hrs 30mins

  • Okaya JCT

    Nagano Expressway

    Azumino I.C

    Takasegawa right bank road → R148

    Tsugaike Mountain Resort

    Approx. 4hrs

  • Okaya JCT

    Nagano Expressway

    Azumino I.C

    Takasegawa right bank road → R148

    Tsugaike Mountain Resort

    Approx. 6hrs

  • Hokuriku Expressway

    Itoigawa I.C


    Tsugaike Mountain Resort

    Approx. 2hrs 30mins

  • From Nagano Interchange (IC)

  • From Azumino Interchange (IC)

  • From Itoigawa Interchange (IC)


    Travel time- Approx. 80mins from Nagano Interchange (IC)

    Leave from “Nagano Interchange (IC)”, pass through Kawanakajima Battlefield, and take a left at the Shimohigano Minami (south) signal.

    Nagano Minami (south) Bypass → national route 19 → Prefectural Nagano Omachi Line (no. 31) → to Hakuba through Olympic Path

  • Travel time: Approx. 80 minutes from Azumino IC

    Exit at the Azumino IC (former Toyoshina IC) on the Nagano Expressway and go straight.Pass over Swiss Village and turn right at the Shigeyanagi intersection.

    Go straight on the embankment road along the Takase River (a.k.a. North Alps Panorama Road), and after Omachi City, take Route 148. (Route 31) = Olympic Road to Hakuba.


    Travel time: Approx. 60 min. from Itoigawa IC

    Exit at the Itoigawa IC of the Hokuriku Expressway and turn left on Route 148.

    Go south on the national highway in the mountains. From Route 148, turn right onto Prefectural Road 433 (signposted Tsugaike Kogen/Hakuba Norikura).