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Wood Chip Course

The Tsugaike Wood Chip Course is a 2.5 km long recreational trail layered with wood chips, making it a popular, low-impact option for walkers, joggers and trail runners. There are two courses; an inner (1 km) and outer (1.5 km) loop, that share a short 400 m stretch of trail but are otherwise separate and distinct. There are several benches positioned throughout where visitors can take a break from exercising, stretch or simply sit and enjoy the beauty of the forest.

In addition to being perfect for training, the courses cut through the heart of a quiet, densely vegetated area, providing opportunities to see hawks, foxes, rabbits, Japanese Serow and various other wild animals that live in the Tsugaike area. The many shades of green that form the beautiful forested canopy in late spring and summer slowly transform into fiery shads of orange and red in the fall.

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