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Mt. Amakazari (Amakazari-yama)

Mt. Amakazari, 1,963 m, is located on the border of Nagano and Niigata prefectures. Unobstructed views of both the Northern Alps and the Sea of Japan can be enjoyed from the rocky summit. The beech forest at lower elevations on the mountain is enjoyably cool, even in mid-summer. The trekking course leisurely follows along a shallow, clear creek before climbing sharply through the forest and descending slightly to “Arasuge-sawa”, a picturesque valley strewn with boulders and offering wide-open views. From this point, the path becomes steeper and rockier, slowly climbing to an alpine valley known for its flowers, before a final traverse and climb to the summit.

Names of Amakazari-yama

Amakazari-yama used to be called “Arasuge-yama”. In Chinese characters, it used to be written as “two bumps mountain” after its shape. The mountain was used as a reference point for local hunters to reach the Sea of Japan.