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Explore Tsugaike’s summer trekking course!

  • Tsugaike Nature Park

    Tsugaike Nature Park

    The Tsugaike Nature Park, located in the village of Otari, sits at an altitude of 1,900 m and is part of the Chubu-Sangaku National Park. It is one of Japan’s famous high alpine plateaus, renowned for its abundance and variety of flowering alpine plants, and offers visitors spectacular panoramic views of the Northern Alps.

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  • “Kazefuki Oike” & “Hakuba Oike” Alpine Lakes

    Kazefuki Oike / Hakuba Oike

    Kazafuki Oike is a mysterious lake surrounded by thriving subalpine fir and birch forest, while the deep blue waters of Hakuba Oike lie high above the tree line, reflecting summits and clouds. Both provide the opportunity to relax and enjoy time amongst beautiful, untouched nature.

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  • Wood Chip Course

    Wood Chip Course

    The Tsugaike Wood Chip Road is an easy, forested loop course totaling 2.5 km in length, with a soft layer of wood chips underfoot that is ideal for walking or jogging.

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  • Historic Salt Road (“Shio-no-Michi”)


    The Salt Road was a historically important path used for centuries to haul salt harvested from the Sea of Japan through the mountains and inland to the area that is now known as Nagano prefecture. The total length of the trail stretches some 120 km from Itoigawa to Matsumoto, with a wellpreserved section passing right through the heart of Tsugaike. The trail passes rice fields, skirts forests and cuts through small settlements dotted with ancient stone statues and historical relics, providing fantastic views and plenty of culture.

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  • Mt. Amakazari

    Mt. Amakazari

    Mt. Amakazari, one of Japan’s “100 Famous Mountains”, lies on the border of Nagano and Niigata prefectures. The view from the summit is a stunning 360-degree panorama including both the towering peaks of the Northern Alps and the Sea of Japan beyond.

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  • “Kama-Ike” Pond


    Sitting at an elevation of 1,190 m, Kama-Ike is a peaceful pond surrounded by beech trees and famous for its autumn leaves that are reflected in its still waters. With a 2 km trail circling its perimeter, it’s perfect for a light hike with friends and family.

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