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  • Tsugaike Nature Park Opening Festival [2020 FESTIVAL CANCELED]

    Tsugaike Nature Park Opening Festival

    Summer in Tsugaike Kogen officially begins with the resumed operation of the “Tsugaike Panorama Way” (gondola and ropeway) and the opening of the Tsugaike Nature Park for the green season. At 1,900 m, the Tsugaike Nature Park is home to a unique alpine ecosystem harboring many precious mountain plants. Flowering Asian Skunk Cabbage (“Mizubasho”) are the first to bloom with the spring thaw, followed by an ever-changing landscape marked by the seasonal blooming of other floral varieties. This is a great location to take in the beauty of the natural landscape and changing seasons. The opening festival itself kicks off with a brief shinto blessing in front of the Nature Park Visitor Center, followed by traditional display of pounding rice into mochi. As a bonus, pick up some of the fresh made mochi on your way in our out of the park.

    Date June 1st
    Inquiries Otari Development Corporation
    TEL: +81 (0)261-82-3053
  • Tsugaike Cycle Classic [2020 EVENT CANCELED]

    Tsugaike Cycle Classic 2014

    The race is held at the beginning of the green season, and challenges riders to climb some 1,200 m over a distance of 17 km, finishing at the Tsugaike Nature Park and its remaining snowfields. An average incline of 7% across the entire route, with a maximum of 10%, tests the physical and mental limits of the racers. Participants are separated into groups by age and gender, and further into road and mountain bike categories. Despite the steep challenge (literally), participants range from students and amateur riders all the way to top-level racers. Racers who participated in the last two years are automatically sent event overview and application forms in mid-April. If you would like to request information and an application by mail, please contact us directly by telephone.

    Click here to enter online. (Limited to the first 1,000 applicants)

    Date Jun 6th (Sat.) – 7th (Sun.) in 2020
    June 6th: Sign in and trial run (afternoon)
    June 7th: Sign in and race (in the morning)
    Location Tsugaike Kogen
    Fees Adults: ¥7,000
    High School Students & Younger: ¥5,000
    Event Page Tsugaike Cycle Classic [Official Homepage] (Japanese Only)
    Inquiries Tsugaike Kogen Tourism Association
    Tsugaike Cycle Committee
    TEL: +81 (0)261-83-2515
  • Tsugaike Nature Park “Mizubasho” Festival [2020 FESTIVAL CANCELED]

    Tsugaike Nature Park Mizubasho Festival (Asian skunk cabbage flower festival)

    “Mizubasho” are the pure white flowers that bloom in abundance in the marshes of the Tsugaike Nature Park in conjunction with the spring snow melt. They are known by the less than flattering name of “Asian Skunk Cabbage” in English, but don’t let that moniker put you off, as the vast fields of pure white flowers blooming against the stunning backdrop of Hakuba’s three famous peaks (Mt. Shirouma, Mt. Shakushi and Mt. Hakuba-Yari) is a true sight to behold.

    Dates June 1st & 2nd
    Location Tsugaike Nature Park
    Inquiries Otari Village Tourism Bureau
    TEL: +81 (0)261-82-2233
  • Tsugaike Nature Park Walking Tour with a Nature Guide

    Walk a reservoir of Alpine flora with the Nature Guide in Tsugaike Nature Park

    Enjoy a basic tour of the Tsugaike Nature Park with a local guide, and learn more about the area’s various alpine flowers and unique ecosystem. This guided walk takes you along the wooden footpath on a relatively flat and easy course, past two separate marshes to the Kusu River, which marks the midpoint of the park. After making your way back to the park entrance and returning via the gondola, why not take a relaxing dip at the “Tsuga-no-yu” hot spring located right at the base of the gondola station?

    Dates From July 1st to August 31st
    Schedule 8:40 – Meet at the Tsugaike Nature Park Visitor’s Center
    9:00 to 14:00* – Exploring the Tsugaike Nature Park
    *Reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance.
    Fees Adults: ¥6,500
    Children: ¥4,500
    *Panorama Way (gondola + ropeway) ticket, Nature Park admission, guide fees and insurance are included in the price.
    Minimum number of participants 2 (Maximum number of participants is 15)
    Inquiries Otari Village Tourism Bureau
    TEL: +81 (0)261-82-2233
  • Tsugaike Nature Park Guide Club Tour

    Tsugaike Nature Park Guide Club

    Learn about the Tsugaike Nature Park’s geography, wildlife, surrounding mountains, weather patterns and more on a guided walk with an expert local guide. Choose between a two, three or four-hour tour, each of which takes you deeper and deeper into the park.

    Fees 2 hour tour (to the “Kusu” River): ¥10,000
    3 hour tour (to the “Ukijima” Marsh): ¥15,000
    4 hour tour (to the “Tenbo” Marsh): ¥20,000
    *Fees are charged per group and cover the service of one guide.
    Minimum number of participants 1 (Maximum number of participants is 15 per guide)
    Inquiry Tsugaike Visitor Center
    TEL: +81 (0)70-4091-5204
  • Nakaya Omiya Suwa Shrine Annual Festival

    This local summer festival held annually on the grounds of an ancient and important shrine features several types of traditional dance recognized for their historical and cultural significance as “Intangible Cultural Folk Assets” by the prefectural government of Nagano. Come and experience the atmosphere and festivities of this authentic village festival.

    Dates August 29th & 30th
    Location Nakaya Omiya Suwa Shrine
    13722 Nakatsuchi, Otari, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano 399-9511
    Access Buses bound for Otari Onsen run direct from Tsugaike to Nakaya several times per day. Omiya Suwa Shrine is located a 10-minute walk from the “Nakatsuchi Kyoku-Mae” bus stop along this route.
    Inquiries Otari Village Tourism Bureau
    TEL: +81 (0)261-82-2233