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  • Tsugaike Nature Park Snowshoeing

    Snowshoe hiking at Tsugaike Nature Park(Tsugaike Shizen En)

    Beginning in early March, the “Tsugaike Panorama Way” ropeway resumes operation for the spring period, whisking guests an additional 269 m up the mountain beyond the terminus of the gondola. This allows easy access to the Tsugaike Nature Park, a vast open snowfield with fabulous panoramic views of Hakuba’s famous three peaks. Here you can enjoy snowshoeing on the deep snow covering the Nature Park, at an elevation of 1,900 m. This popular winter activity can be enjoyed with friends and family as an alternative to skiing. The Otari Village Tourism Bureau’s official snowshoe guides are available to guide visitors through the snowy highlands.

    Season From early March to early May
    Inquiries Otari Village Tourism Bureau TEL: +81 (0)261-82-2233
  • The Historic Salt Road Festival (“Shio-no-Michi Matsuri”)

    The 34th Salt -Road Festival (Shio-no-Michi-Matsuri)

    This annual festival is a celebration of the history and culture of the “Shio-no-Michi”, or Salt Road, a once bustling trade route that stretched some 120 km from the Japan Sea coast to the Matsumoto and Shiojiri areas. The festival coincides with the coming of spring and is timed around the blooming of the cherry trees. Participants dress in historical garb, and walk in procession along the 9 km route. Participants gather and depart together from the Kudarise Kikan Center. Shuttle bus service is available to the starting area from Tsugaike.

    Date May 3rd
    Schedule 8:00 – Sign up at the Kudarise Kikan Center
    8:30 – Opening ceremonies
    9:10 – Procession departure from Kudarise
    14:10 – Procession arrival at Tsugaike Kogen
    Access & Parking Car parking is provided in Tsugaike at either the Kane-no-naru-oka No.1 Parking or the No. 2 Parking lots. For those utilizing public transportation, get off and on at Minami-Otari Station on the JR Oito Line.
    Shuttle Bus Service Shuttle buses to the festival grounds in Kudarise will operate from 7:20 to 8:30.
    Those parked in Tsugaike should take one of the shuttle buses leaving from the Tsugaike Kogen Tourism Association. Those arriving by train can board one of the shuttles departing from Minami-Otari Station, and may also utilize one of the free shuttles from Tsugaike back to the station, after the festival.
    Website Salt Road Festival website (Japanese Only)
    Inquiries Otari Village Tourism Bureau TEL: +81 (0)261-82-2233