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2019-2020 SEASON

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Terrain Parks


Tsugaike is home to the highest altitude terrain park in the Hakuba Valley

Tsugaike’s dual terrain park setup not only gives riders the chance to fight boredom by experiencing two different settings, but also helps ensure freestyle enthusiasts have uninterrupted park access despite changing conditions during the course of the long snow season.

Terrain Park Expected Dates of Operation Items
“Han-no-ki” Terrain Park mid-January to mid-March 12m Kicker x 1
7m Kicker x 1
6m Kicker x 3
“Tsuga-no-mori” Terrain Park mid-March to season end (early-May) (Rainbow) Box x 1
Bank x 1
Other TBD
* The exact dates of operation & number and variety of items are subject to weather and snowpack conditions.


*Shown above are the previous year’s items.