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2019-2020 SEASON

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Activities Overview

Explore some of the many activities on offer at Tsugaike Kogen

  • Terrain Parks


    Tsugaike has two terrain parks, which are open in different locations at different times of the season, giving freestyle skiers and boarders the opportunity to enjoy two similar but unique setups during the course of the season. Tsugaike’s parks feature rails, jumps and obstacles of various sizes to satisfy and sharpen the skills of beginners and experts alike.

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  • Snow Scooting


    This increasingly popular new winter sport is a thrilling, alternative way to tackle the slopes, and is allowed in all areas of Tsugaike Kogen. Basically a cross between a scooter and a snowboard, riders stand with their feet unstrapped to the deck, grasp the handlebar and go. Steering and speed are controlled by turning the handlebar, shifting your weight, and using your edges to carve into the snow. Braking is as simple as putting your feet down on the snow, or carving as you would on skis or a snowboard. Rentals are available at various shops in the Tsugaike area.

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  • Snowshoeing


    There is a variety of terrain in Tsugaike suited to snowshoeing, from gentle and relaxing forested walks to treks across the deep, high-altitude snowfields of the Tsugaike Nature Park. Snowshoeing itself requires no special knowledge or skills; therefore those with even a basic level of fitness can participate in and enjoy this traditional winter activity. As with snow scooters, rentals of snowshoes are also available at various shops in the Tsugaike area, and several guided tours are also offered through multiple lodges and other organizations.

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  • Kids Park

    Kids Park

    The Kids Park is a slopeside area with special attractions and activities specifically made with kids in mind, providing parents with young children an alternative way to play in the snow at Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort.

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