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Tsugaike Nature Park

A high moor, above the clouds, that overlooks the Hakuba mountain range

A high moor, above the clouds, that overlooks the Hakuba mountain range

Tsugaike Nature Park, at 1,900m in the Central Mountains National Park (Chubu Sangaku Kokuritsu Koen), is one of Japan’s famous high moors* and classified as a Class 1 specially preserved area.
*high moor = sphagnum moss sedimentary layer, built up over thousands to tens of thousands years.

Flowering Asian Skunk Cabbage (Mizubasho) blooms with the thaw in mid-June/early July. In July- August, hundreds of alpine flora, such as Eriophorum vaginatum (tussock cottongrass) and Nikko day lily, will be in bloom.

Round trip 5.5km, approximately 3,5 hr. walk
Wooden footpaths in the park allow visitors easy access. (80% of the trail course)
Volunteer workers maintain the footpaths and run public nature awareness campaigns. By all means ask them about this marvelous ecosystem.

Above the clouds, Tsugaike Nature Park is a paradise for tiny alpine plants, many of which flower vividly at the coming of spring, displaying their survival of the harsh winter climate. Take in take this unique Alpine micro-climate and enjoy comfortable accommodation at a hot spring.

Ideal for inexperienced trekkers, this 5.5km round-trip walk gives you access to 100 hectares at 1,880m altitude. Lovely alpine flora in bloom from mid-June to mid-August will delight hikers.

On the trekking course hikers will find a natural air hole (a chilly breeze even in the mid-summer) and a clear, cold flowing brook.

Tsugaike Nature Park: Entrance Fee
Park Open Season June 1st (Thu) to October 31st (Tue) in 2017
Entrance Fee Adults ¥300, Children ¥250

Trekking & mountaineering routes from Tsugaike Nature Park

Click here to download the hiking map (PDF 2.6MB)

Walking courses in Tsugaike Nature Park

The following are the distance and required time for each courses.
*In order to explore the Nature Park thoroughly, a minimum of four hours is recommended, including the 2 hr (max, round-trip) panorama way.

  • Skunk Cabbage Marshland (Mizubasho Shitsugen)

    Easy Short Walk Course (Chotto-sokomade Course)(Entrance – Skunk Cabbage Marsh: 1km, approx1hr.)

    An easy and relaxing undulating wood chip trail, suitable for small children and the elderly. Hikers exploring this short track course can find alpine flora, Japanese char in the creek and feel the cool breeze of the highlands and be treated with panoramic views of the mountains.

  • Cotton Grass Marshland (Watasuge Shitsugen)

    A Slightly Longer Walking Course(Entrance – Cotton Grass Marsh : 2km approx, 1.5 hrs.)

    Cotton Grass Marsh is just next to the Skunk Cabbage Marshland. Cotton Grass Marsh is classified as sub-alpine vegetation, with low-growing plants such as Paris japonica (Kinugasaso) growing in clumps in this area. There also is an air hole which keeps snow even in the summer on the trail. Enjoy the pastoral atmosphere of this lookout point.

  • Ukishima Marshland (Ukishima Shitsugen)

    Good Hiking Course(Entrance – Ukishima Marsh : 3km, approx 2.5 hrs)

    Go through Cotton Grass Marsh across the Kusu River, the trail becomes a little steeper. Inclines & descents without wood chips on the path requires appropriate footwear for the course connecting to Ukishima Marsh. Day lilies flower beautifully in summer, while the vivid color changes of the mountain ash in autumn attracts many tourists.

  • Marsh Observation Platform

    Getting Around The Park(Entrance – The Observation Platform : 5.5km, approx 3.5 hrs)

    Slow down and enjoy the park at a relaxing pace. The marshland features an observation platform, which offers a magnificent view of the giant snowy gorge of Mt. Shirouma (you may even be able to see climbers on it). Enjoy the fresh, clear creek water of Ginmeisui; observe rare dew grass in Lake Mosen. Visitors can also find flowering Monotropastrum globosum and Japanese Wood Poppy (Glaucidium palmatum) in season.

Mountaineering Routes from Tsugaike Nature Park

Routes Distance indicated by hours
Round-trip from the park to the Tenguhara approx. 2.5hrs
One-way to Hiyodori-mine course from the park approx. 2.5hrs
One-way to Hakuba-Oike from Tenguhara approx. 1.5 hrs
One-way to Kazefuki-Oike from Tenguhara approx. 1.5hrs
One-way to Renge-onsen from Hakuba-Oike approx. 2hrs
One-way to Mt. Shirouma from Hakuba-Oike approx. 3hrs

Access to Tsugaike Nature Park

Fee for Tsugaike Panorama Way
  Adult Child
Round-trip(fees include Gondola Lift “Eve” + Ropeway + park entrance) ¥3,600 ¥2,050
One-way Trip(fees include Gondola Lift “Eve” + Ropeway) ¥1,920 ¥1,050
*Vehicles are not allowed in Tsugaike Nature Park for wildlife conservation.
*10% off for groups of 15+ people, 20% off for student groups with 15+ members.
*Child = elementary school children & younger.
*50% off for the disabled; ID required.
*Pets are not allowed on Panorama Way.

Tsugaike Panorama Way facilities

Total length: 5,320m (Gondola Lift + Ropeway)

Gondola Lift Eve
Gondola Lift “Eve”
Description Total length 4,120m, Max capacity 6 passengers, transport capacity 1,350 passengers/hr.
Ride time 20minutes
Operating section Tsugaike Kogen Station – Shirakaba Station = Tsuga-no-mori Station
Tsugaike Ropeway
Tsugaike Ropeway
Description Total length 1,200m, Max capacity 71 passengers, transport capacity 720 passengers/ hr.
Ride time 6minutes
Operating section Tsuga-daimon Station – Nature Park Station