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Kazafuki Oike / Hakuba Oike

Kazafuki Oike

Kazafuki Oike is a mysterious lake, surrounded by Veitch and Russian rock birch trees comprising a deep forest with abundant wildlife. While admiring the stunning alpine flowers and taking in the panoramic views of the mountains Yukikura-dake and Takatsuma-otsutsuma, hikers will ascend Mount Fusuburi (Fusuburi-yama). After passing the summit of Fusuburi-yama (1,944m), follow the ridge, where the shiny reflection of Lake Kazafuki Oike leaps into view. Take the time to enjoy the scenery around the lake. To reach Renge Onsen, head back to Fusuburi-yama. Allow approximately 2.5hrs.

The Legend of Kazafuki Oike

A long time ago, there was a drought, and a priest was asked by the villagers to pray for rain. The local people helped the priest to Kazafuki Oike, where he crossed the lake to reach the big rock in the middle. There he prayed and prayed for rain. As his lengthy chants were completed, a giant snake appeared from the water, and circled the big lake three times. Surprised, the priest jumped to the other end of the lake, where fainted from fear. Shortly after, heavy rain started to beat down on the quiet lake, which grew with all the water. The priest was taken home and resuscitated once, but soon after passed due to his exertions.

To reach Kazafuki Oike from Nature Park
Tsugaike Nature Park 3.8km3hrs Fusuburi-yama Mountain 2km1hr Kazafuki Oike

Hakuba Oike

Hakuba Oike is approximately a three hour trek from Tsugaike Nature Park. Passing en route the vast marshland of Tenguhara, the steep rocky trail in the forest zone continues. A huge cairn will be found at the summit (2,450m) of Norikura-dake. Pass over the summit, and follow the trail to reach the lake with its abundant cold water. Hakuba Oike sits at 2,379m, and is 2km in circumference amid spectacular scenery. A further 2.5 hours trek from Hakuba Oike brings you to Mt. Shirouma-dake.

A sacred lake worshipping the god of rainmaker

Local people worshiped the lake as a sacred place where the god of rainmaker ruled, until the end of the Meiji Period (early 20th Century). It was believed that famine would occur if anyone entered the mountain for leisure activities such as mountain climbing. To prevent ill-fortune caused by walkers, local people incanted that “Travellers will be attacked by Tenguhara’s monstrous half dragon, half human creature”.

To reach Hakuba Oike from Tsugaike Nature Park
Tsugaike Nature Park 1.8km80 min Tenguhara 1km60 min Norikura-dake 0.85km30 min Hakuba Oike