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Lake Kama (Kama-Ike)

Kama-Ike was named after its landscape. “Kama” is a sickle in Japanese. An easy promenade around the 2km circumference of Kama-Ike, surrounded by beech trees and verdant flora year-round. Trout and Crucian carp populate the tranquil lake.

October is the best season to enjoy the foliage
Vivid autumn colors reflected in the lake is popular among photographers.

The Legend of Kama-Ike and Nata-Ike

A long time ago, two giant snakes – a couple – inhabited Mukou-Ike, on the border of Shinshu and Echigo (now Nagano & Niigata respectively). These snakes’ devilry often annoyed the local people. To stop their malicious behavior, villagers threw their excreta into the lake. Soon, the two snakes struggled out of the lake; the male climbed onto a firewood stack, which the villagers set fire to as soon as they found the him there. Seeing this horrible sight, the female snake fled tearfully towards Lake Nojiri. Her tears created Inkyo-Ike, Nata-Ike and Kama-Ike.

Access Otari Onsen intersection on Route 148, take Route 114 toward Amakazari. 20 minutes by car, parking for 30 vehicles.
Elevation 1,190m
Reference course / time Kama-Ike beech tree trekking course: 1 hour and 40 minutes
Kama-Ike circular course: 40 minutes