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Mt. Amakazari (Amakazari-yama)

Amakazari-yama is located on the border of Nagano and Niigata prefectures. The Northern Alps and the Sea of Japan beyond can be seen from the top of the Amakazari-yama. The beech forest beneath the mountain is enjoyably cool even in mid-summer. The easy trekking course along the clear creek takes hikers to Arasuge-sawa. After Arasuge-sawa, the path becomes steeper and rockier. Just before reaching Sasahira, the alpine flower garden appears.

Names of Amakazari-yama

Amakazari-yama used to be called “Arasuge-yama”. In Chinese characters, it used to be written as “two bumps mountain” after its shape. The mountain was used as a reference point for local hunters to reach the Sea of Japan.