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Explore Tsugaike’s summer trekking course!

  • Tsugaike Nature Park

    Tsugaike Nature Park

    Tsugaike Nature Park, in Otari village,sits at an altitude of 1,900m in the Chubu Sangaku Kokuritsu Koen (Central Mountain National Park), and is one of Japan’s famous high moors.Enjoy mother nature with Tsugaike’s panoramic views of the Hakuba mountain range.

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  • Kazefuki Oike / Hakuba Oike

    Kazefuki Oike / Hakuba Oike

    Kazefuki Oike is a mysterious lake, surrounded by Veitch and Betula ermanii (sub-Alpine) forest, a beautiful spectacle of Hakuba Oike, with its unspoilt & untouched wildlife.

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  • Mt. Amakazari (Amakazariyama)

    Mt. Amakazari

    Mt. Amakazari is on the border of Nagano and Niigata. The view from the top of Mt. Amakazari is an outstanding panoramic of the Northern Alps and the Sea of Japan beyond.

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  • Kama-Ike


    At 1,190m, Kama-Ike is a popular 2km circuit trekking course, surrounded by beech trees.

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  • Wood Chip Course

    Wood Chip Course

    There are two trekking courses in the Tsugaike area: “Tsugaike Wood Chip Road” and “Kane-no-naru-oka Chip Road”. Both are easy walking courses, with soft layer of wood chips underfoot.

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