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2017-2018 SEASON

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Shuttle Bus Timetables


The bus stop for local, Express Bus Nagano – Hakuba is this bus stop.
The bus stop for shuttle buses is in different location.


ALPICO Express Bus Nagano ⇔ Hakuba

Alpico operates express bus between Nagano station and Hakuba area.
It is available to get-off and get-in between JR Hakuba Sta. and Tsugaike-Kogen to 15/Dec/2017, and from 19/Mar/2018. (not available: 16/Dec/2017 – 18/Mar/2018)
Please make sure the timetable differs from term to term.

[Fare]  Tsugaike-Kogen ⇔ JR Hakuba Sta.   Adult 560yen (oneway)
Tsugaike-Kogen ⇔ hakuba-Happo Bus Terminal   Adult 520yen (oneway)

ALPICO Express Bus Nagano – Hakuba


Otari village Bus

The buses in Otari village.
Please check green line “Tsugaike Kogen – Minami Otari Sta.”

[Fare]  Tsugaike-Kogen ⇔ JR Minami-Otari Sta.   Adult 520yen (oneway)

Otari village bus Time table


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The bus stop for shuttle buses is in front of tuga-no-yu_thumb
“Tsuga-no-Yu (栂の湯)” near Gondola platform.

The bus stop for local, Express and Highway bus is in different location.



HAKUBAVALLEY Shuttle Bus [Omachi / Goryu / Happo / Tsugaike]
The Hakuba valley operates a shuttle bus to all 9 mountains.
Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal is the main interchange to access every ski resort.

[Operating period]  16/Dec/2017 – 18/Mar/2018
[Fare]   Difers depending on the operation route. Please check the timetable below.

HAKUBAVALLEY Shuttle Bus Service

 OTARI Shuttle Bus “Konayuki”
 OTARI Night Shuttle Bus
The shuttle bus between Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal and 3 ski resorts in Otari village,
”Tsugaike Kogen”, “Hakuba Norikura”, and “Hakuba Kortina”.

[Operating period]  16/Dec/2017 – 18/Mar/2018
[Fare]  “Konayuki”  One trip  Adult 500yen  Child 250yen
[Fare]  “Night Shuttle Bus”  Free

Otari Shuttle Bus Information


Hakuba Happo-One/Hakuba Iwatake/Tsugaike Kogen  Shuttle Bus
Free shuttle bus to Hakuba Happo-One, Hakuba Iwatake and Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort
from within Hakuba village.
The use of these shuttle buses is limited to Hakuba Ski Resort users.
The buses to Tsugaike are No.9 and No.10.

[Operating period]  16/Dec/2017 25/Mar/2018  {For Iwatake Snow Field  15/Dec/2017 – 25/Mar/2018}
[Fare]   Free

Happo-one/Iwatake/Tsugaike Shuttle bus


Genki-go Night Shuttle Bus
Night shuttle bus in Hakuba village.
*This bus does not come to Tsugaike Kogen. Please take Otari Night Shuttle Bus between Tsugaike and Hakuba.

Genki-go Night Shuttle Bus
Otari Night Shuttle Bus