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Shower Climbing

Ever tried shower climbing? Have a go in a pristine canyon full of negative ion and phytoncide and immerse yourself in the fresh forest air as you swim, slide, float and dive into the crystal clear mountain stream. A range of courses are available, which our experienced guides will choose from to suit your experience and ability. Children over elementary school age may participate; bypass routes are provided for children. A relaxing & refreshing escape from the summer heat!

Inquiries for shower climbing

Operational period From the mid-July to the end-September in 2018
Morning Session: 9:00 – 12:00, Afternoon Session: 12:30 – 15:30
Venue Several streams in Otari Village
*Course depends on the weather, water-flow, and the number of participants.
Fees ¥6,500 per person (tax included)
*Rental fees for wetsuit, life jacket, shoes, helmet and gloves are all included in the price.
Max numbers of participants 20 (minimum number is 1)
Admission Submit an application form at least 1 day prior.
Preparation A bathing suit and towel.
Contact lenses not recommended. Wear glasses, secured with a band, or swimming goggles instead.
Accommodation Inquire when making your reservation.
Inquiries Tsugaike Kogen Tourist Association
TEL 0261-83-2515 (domestic call) / FAX 0261-83-2558 (domestic call)
Click here to download the application form(PDF).
*Application forms submitted by fax will be regarded as a temporary reservation.
*Unfortunately, dates applied for are outside our schedule.