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2017-2018 SEASON

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  • -7°C/ 19.4°F
  • snow: 260cm
  • -3°C/ 26.6°F
  • snow: 110cm
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Trail Guide

Enjoy our slopes, whatever your preferred style, skill-level or needs.

Ultimate satisfaction all; beginners to expert skiers on more than 10 individual slopes!

  • Kane-no-naru-oka (The hill where the bell rings)


    “Kane-no-naru-oka Slope” or “Kane-naru” located at the foot of Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort. This gentle 1200m wide slope is the most suitable for beginners and families. Night Skiing, with fascinating lighting, is also available. (Please check the Night Skiing Schedule)

    • Length : 980m
    • Max. 19degrees
    • Avg. 8degrees
    • ♦ Beginner Course
  • Kane-no-naru-oka (The hill where the bell rings) No.2

    After getting used to “Kane-naru” slope, “Kane-no-naru-oka No.2 Slope” is recommended. Along with the“Kane-no-naru-oka Sky Liner Ⅳ” lift, this medium-length smooth slope (no-bumps) starts from the lift terminal at 1,030m elevation. Enjoy this long hill in safety.

    • Length : 890m
    • Max. 15degrees
    • Avg. 10degrees
    • ♦♦ Intermediate Course
  • Karamatsu / Oya-no-hara

    “Karamatsu High Speed Pair Lift” and “Central Triple-Chair Lift” offer, an enjoyable 1,000m long, gentle course suitable even for beginners.

    • Length : 1,200m
    • Max. 10degrees
    • Avg. 7degrees
    • ♦ Beginner Course
  • Kids Park

    The northern-most area in “Kane-no-naru-oka Slope” is a child-friendly space, 70m×70m area. Equipped with a 50m moving sidewalk and, various play equipment, children can have fun in this safety zone. Ski lessons for younger children who have just started skiing are offered in this area. In addition, parents will find an indoor playing facility for younger children on the first floor of “Restaurant Grill Tsugaike”.

    • Length : 100m
    • Max. 10degrees
    • Avg. 9degrees
    • ♦ Beginner Course
  • Tsuga-no-mori

    To reach the top-most slope in Tsugaike, take the Gondola “Eve” to the top, the “Tsuga No.1 Pair Lift”, then “Tsuga No.2 Pair Lift”. At 1,700m, the mountainside is covered with fine, deep natural snow. Enjoy the superb panoramas, crisp air and forested setting. “HIT PARK” with its unique snowboarding infrastructure is also set here until early May.

    • Length : 630m
    • Max. 23degrees
    • Avg. 14degrees
    • ♦♦♦ Advanced Course
  • Shirakaba

    “Shirakaba” is the most popular slope with intermediate visitors. This well-maintained flat course has an average inclination of 40 degrees, highly-suitable for high-speed parallel turns. The slope has hosted official FIS Super G. Enjoy skiing this dynamic slope at night!

    • Length : 1,200m
    • Max. 23degrees
    • Avg. 16degrees
    • ♦♦♦ Advanced Course
  • Han-no-ki

    From top to the bottom, “Han-no-ki” offers 3km + downhill course. To reach it, take Gondola “Eve” to the top. Popular with intermediate skiers, this long, straight course provides varying inclines and some “bump” zones. Ski until early May on the summit!

    • Length : 3,000m
    • Max. 30degrees
    • Avg. 12degrees
    • ♦♦♦ Advanced Course
  • Maruyama

    “Maruyama Slope” is located on the upper part of “Kane-no-naru-oka Slope”, with “Maruyama N0.1 & No.2 Quad” lifts”. Flat course, with a few bumps, away from other slopes. Most suitable for intermediate skiers keen to practice parallel turns on 12-degree inclines and “Skill-up” group lessons.

    • Length : 700m
    • Max. 15degrees
    • Avg. 12degrees
    • ♦♦ Intermediate Course
  • Champion

    “Champions’ Slope” is most suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers, since the average inclination is 26 degrees. Since the course is wide with moderate bumps, it is considered the best course via “Champion Quad Lift”. There is a relaxing ski trail through the forest, suitable for intermediate skiers.

    • Length : 1,000m
    • Max. 35degrees
    • Avg. 26degrees
    • ♦♦♦ Advanced Course
  • Uma-no-se (horseback) course

    “Uma-no-se” terrain is found just below the summit, with narrow ridges. This horseback shaped slope is a well-known ‘expert’ course with an inclination of 32 degrees. Feature man-height bumps. This is the most suitable place to practice mogul skiing. At an elevation of 1,700m, the summit of Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort provides panoramic views of the mountains, with even Mount. Fuji visible on a clear day.

    • Length : 1,300m
    • Max. 32degrees
    • Avg. 17degrees
    • ♦♦♦ Advanced Course★★