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2017-2018 SEASON

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  • °C/ 32°F
  • snow: cm
  • °C/ 32°F
  • snow: cm
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    • Children’s Day skiing

      Free one-day lift tickets for pre-school children! Families with pre-school children cannot miss these special days!
      Date Every third Sundays Dec 17th in 2017, Jan 21st, Feb 18th, Mar 18th, Apr 15th in 2018
    • Early Birds

      Early Birds
      Open from 06:30. Be the first down the crisp morning slopes. *Only valid day of issue tickets can be used. → Blog posting from January 2013 / movie (staff blog)
      Date Jan 7th (Sun), Jan 8th (Mon), Jan 14th (Sun), Jan 21st (Sun), Jan 28th (Sun),Feb 11th (sun),Feb 12th (Mon) in 2018
      Hours 06:30 Early Bird operation at “Karamatsu High Speed Pair” and “Shirakaba Quad”
    • Mochitsuki (pounding steamed-rice into rice cake) at “Kane-no-naru-oka”

      Mochitsuki (pounding steamed rice into rice cake) at “Kane-no-naru-oka”
      Pounding hot, steamed-rice on the snow! Enjoy freshly-made, delicious mochi! Participation is free and get delicious mochi. Come and join!
      Date Feb 12th (Mon), Mar 11th (Sun) in 2018
      Hours 10:00 -
      Inquiry Hakubakan Co., Ltd. Tsugaike Branch office 0261-83-2112 (domestic call)
    • Tsugaike Children’s Winter Festival

      Tsugaike Children’s Winter Festival
      Outdoor treasure hunt and sleigh competition ,target shooting, quoits and lottery will be held indoors.
      Date Feb 12th (Mon) in 2018
      Venue Kane-no-naru-oka event space in Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort
      Inquiry Hakubakan Co., Ltd. Tsugaike Branch office 0261-83-2112 (domestic call)
  • The 47th Tsugaike Kogen Snow Festival

    The 44th Tsugaike Kogen Snow Festival & Ultra Tsugaike Thanksgiving Party
    The biggest event in HAKUBAVALLEY, with brilliant fireworks. Eyewitness the special winter festival at Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort, various unique programs will be presented. Brilliant fireworks and fantastic torchlight illuminate intense winter skies.
Date Feb 24th (Sat) in 2018
Inquiry Tsugaike Kogen Tourist Association 0261-83-2515 (domestic call)
  • Tsugaike Nature Park Snowshoeing

    Tsugaike Nature Park Snowshoe Hiking
    Tsugaike Nature Park is located at 1,900m in elevation, and is part of the Central Mountain National Park (Chubu Sangaku Kokuritsu Koen). Official guides from the Otari Village Tourist Federation invite participants to witness the panoramic view points of the Northern Alps, covered with fresh powder snow.

    Click here for further snowshoeing details

Date The beginning of March – May 6th (Sun) in 2018 (Undecided) 10:00 – 14:30 (3 hours hiking)
Fees ¥7,500 (including Gondola and ropeway tickets and guide charges) *Rental fees for snowshoe and ski stock will be charged separately. ¥500 each
The minimum number of participants 2 (Make a reservation at least 3 days prior)
Inquiry Otari Village Tourism Association 0261-82-2233 (domestic call)
  • Tsugaike Ropeway Spring Service

    Tsugaike Ropeway Spring Service
    Tsugaike’s Gondola and ropeway take visitors to the wilderness snow fields! Enjoy a winter walk on snowshoes, or try Nordic skiing and other back country activities.
Ropeway operation The beginning of March – May 6th (Sun) in 2018 (Undecided)
Charge Adult: ¥3,300, Child: ¥1,800 (gondola & ropeway round trip ticket) *Only ropeway ticket will be charged for one-way Adult ¥740, child ¥360 *Ski Lift tickets can’t be exchanged for a ropeway ticket.
Inquiry Tsugaike Gondola Lift Co., Ltd. 0261-83-2255 (domestic call)