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2017-2018 SEASON

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  • 7.5°C/ 45.5°F
  • snow: 170cm
  • °C/ 32°F
  • snow: cm
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  • Tsugaike Nature Park Opening Festival

    Tsugaike Nature Park Opening Festival

    Tsugaike Kogen’s summer season starts with its gondola lift and ropeway becoming operational.
    At 1,900m, Tsugaike Nature Park is abundant with precious mountain plants. Flowering Asian skunk cabbage (Mizubasho), marsh marigold and Japanese trillium all come into bloom with the thaw. Enjoy mountain hiking in this special location.
    Religious Services: In front of the Visitor Center at Tsugaike Nature Park Entrance Gate
    Mochi offerings: In front of Tsugaike Lodge(Sanso)

    Date Jun 1st (Thu) in 2017
    Inquiry Otari Revival Agency (Otari Shinko Kosha) 0261-82-3053 (domestic call)
  • Tsugaike Cycle Classic 2017

    Tsugaike Cycle Classic 2014

    This coming year will be the 28th anniversary for this hill-climb bicycle race. The race is held in the early Northern Alpine summer, to Tsugaike Nature Park (Tsugaike Shizen-en) – and its remaining snowfields. Total course length is 17.1km, a 1,200m climb 7%, incline, (max 10%), the race is perilous. Races are gender and age segregated, 11 roadracer races, 2 mountain-bike races works team racers also participate. From top-level racers to amateurs riders, toned, ripped athletes assemble at Tsugaike.

    Applications must be received by May 26th, online or by mail + postal money order & event overview document. Racers who participated in the last two years are automatically sent, event overview and application forms in mid-April.
    If you need the event overview document by post, contact us directly by telephone.

    Click here to enter online. (Limited to first 1000 applicants)

    Date Jun 17th (Sat) – 18th (Sun) in 2017
    June 17th: Sign in and trial run (afternoon)
    June 18th: Sign in and race (in the morning)
    Venue Tsugaike Kogen, Otari-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano
    Entry Fee ¥7,000 (High School Students & younger : ¥5,000)
    Inquiry Tsugaike Cycle Bureau (within Tsugaike Kogen Tourist Association) 0261-83-2515 (domestic call)
  • Tsugaike Nature Park Mizubasho Festival (Asian skunk cabbage flower festival)

    Tsugaike Nature Park Mizubasho Festival (Asian skunk cabbage flower festival)

    Pure white flowers of Mizubasho flowers (Asian skunk cabbage) bloom in the marshes when the thaw comes. See Mizubasho blooming in Tsugaike Nature Park with Hakuba’s Tree Peaks (Sanzan) in the background of Hakuba Mizubasho flower spring.

    Date Jun 23rd (Fri) – 25th (Sun) in 2017
    Venue Tsugaike Nature Park
    Inquiry Otari Village Tourism Association 0261-82-2233 (domestic call)
  • Hakuba Norikura Firefly Park

    Hakuba Norikura Firefly Watching Tour

    This Park is very unique and you can see fireflies from the mid of June to the end of August. In July’s peak period, more than 100 Genji fireflies(Luciola cruciate) flutter around under the glittering starry skies.

    Click here for the last year’s (2013) firefly watching (Tourist Association staff blog)

    Venue Around Hakuba Norikura Koryu (interchange) Center (Chanmero) Wakaguri Area, Otari Village
    Inquiry Hakuba Norikura Firefly Society 080-2258-7739 (domestic call)
  • Tsugaike Nature Park Reservoir walk and Alpine flora with a Nature Guide

    Walk a reservoir of Alpine flora with the Nature Guide in Tsugaike Nature Park

    Walk around Tsugaike Nature Park, abundant in blooming Alpine flowers, with a localguide. Mizubasho marsh is relatively flat and easy course, where visitors can walk on a wooden footpath to the midpoint, Kusukawa. After enjoying hiking, why not relax at “Tsuga-no-yu” hot spring right next to the Gondola depot?

    Date Jul 1st (Sat) – Aug 31st (Thu) in 2017
    Time Meet at 8:40 – Exploring in Tsugaike Nature Park -Finish around 14:00
    Minimum number of participants : 2
    Make your reservation at least 3 days prior.
    Fees Adults ¥6,500, Children ¥4,500 (including Panorama Way ticket, Park admission fee, guide charges and insurance )
    Inquiry Otari Village Tourism Association 0261-82-2233 (domestic call)
  • Otari Snow Festival in Summer

    Otari Snow Festival in Summer

    Snow slide will come out at Tsugaike in summer! Enjoy cool and refreshing summer vacation! Many food stalls will be setted up!

    Date Jul 22rd (Sat) – 23rd (Sun) in 2017
    Time Jul 22rd 13:00-16:00 (estimated)
    Jul 23rd 10:00-16:00 (estimated)
    Venue Yuki-no-hiroba, Tsugaike Kogen
    Inquiry Otari Village Tourism Association 0261-82-2233(domestic call)
  • Tsugaike Nature Park Guide Club

    Tsugaike Nature Park Guide Club

    Learn abou the terrain, wild life, mountain sceneried and weather of Tsugaike Natural Park with an expert local guide. Book a guide per group of 15 participants.

    Fees 2 hours course (Kusugawa Plan) : ¥10,000 (guide x 1)
    3 hours course (Ukijima Shitsugen Plan) : ¥15,000 (guide x 1)
    4 hours course (Tenbo Shitsugen (Marsh Observation) Plan) : ¥20,000 (guide x 1)
    Inquiry Tsugaike Nature Park Guide Club 090-3241-3083 (domestic call)
  • Nakaya Omiya Suwa Shrine Annual Festival

    Intangible Cultural Folk Assets of Nagano Prefecture. “Traditional dance and performance by Children (Kurunbyoushi)” and “Fellow Dancing (Yakko Odori)” are the highlights of the festival.

    Date Aug 26th (Sat) – 27th (Sun) in 2017
    Inquiry Otari Village Tourism Association 0261-82-2233 (domestic call)
  • Fully Enjoy Otari (Otari-Mankitsu Tour) (June to August 2017)

    Full of excitement, discovery and joy! Private trip plan with satisfaction guaranteed. Make a reservation at least 3 days prior for the following events and tours. Further details, inquiries through Otari Village Tourism Association official website or call directly 0261-82-2233 (domestic call).