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2017-2018 SEASON

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With snowshoe, everyone can enjoy walking in winter nature

Enjoy walking in winter, nature all around on your snowshoes.

Various attractive snowshoeing spots & activities are available in Tsugaike Kogen. At 1900m elevation, Tsugaike Nature Park offers and easy work-out courses are recommended. Some inns and hotels also offer snowshoe guides.

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    Most suitable for an easy work-out, “Tsugaike Wood Chip Road”

    Tsugaike Wood Chip Road was built in 2008, and is suitable for walking and running in the Green Season and for snowshoeing in the Winter Season. Visitors can easily enjoy activities here since it is close to the second parking.

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    For beginners and intermediate snowshoers. Maeyama Promenade to Ushikatajuku area

    Maeyama Ski Resort is located in front of Tsugaike Ski Resort. A competition ski-jump also used by a local skiing club for practices, also features cross-country courses. A promenade crosses the top of the jump connects with “Ushikata-juku”, a local historical heritage.
    Beginners can easily enjoy snowshoeing here. Breath-taking scenery of snow covered mountains and Tsugaike Kogen can be seen from the top of the ski-jump.

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    Explore Tsugaike Nature Park with a mountain guide!

    At 1900m, magnificent mountains in view, snowshoers can enjoy walking across vast snow fields accompanied by a local mountain expert. An event called “Tsugaike Nature Park Snowshoe Hiking” is held by the village.

  • Tsugaike Nature Park Snowshoeing

    Tsugaike Nature Park is located at elevation of 1,900m in the Chubu Sangaku Kokuritsu Koen (Central Mountain National Park).
    An official mountain guide from Otari Village Tourist Federation will show visitors a special place to enjoy fresh powder and panoramic views of the Northern Alps.

    Date The beginning of March – May 7th (Sun) in 2017 (Undecided)
    10:00 – 14:30 (3 hours hiking)
    Fees ¥6,800 (including gondola ,ropeway tickets and guide charges)
    *Rental fees for snowshoe and ski stock will be charged separately. ¥500 each
    Minimum number of participants 2 (Make a reservation at least 3 days prior)
    Inquiry Otari Village Tourism Association 0261-82-2233 (domestic call)

Some inns and hotels in Tsugaike Kogen offer snowshoe guiding tours.
We can also arrange a snowshoe guide.
For details, contact Tsugaike Kogen Tourist Association.
Tsugaike Kogen Tourist Association 0261-83-2515 (domestic call)
Download an application form (PDF) here.