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2017-2018 SEASON

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  • °C/ 32°F
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Hit Park


At the highest altitude in the Hakuba mountains. Hit Park features snowboarding facilities.

Hit Park can be found at “Han-no-ki” slope in January. From March it relocates to the “Tsuga-no-mori” slope. Since Hit Park moves during the season, snowboarders can enjoy two superb yet different settings in one season. Never get bored with the immense natural-beauty and variety of Hakuba.

“Han-no-ki” slope Opens from mid-January to mid-March in 2014
“Tsuga-no-mori” slope Opens from mid-March to the Golden Week Holidays in May in 2014
Items A 12m Kicker, a 7m Kicker, 6m Kickers ×3, a Narrow-box and a Bank
*Numbers and variety subject to snowpack conditions.
Inquiries Hakuba Resort Development Co., Ltd. 0261-83-2255 (domestic call)


*Shown above are previous year’s.